« Those patients requiring more complex care may be referred to

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Hermes Replica Bags The Mature Women Centre, which specializes in dealing with a range of gynecological issues, including menopause transition and hysterectomy alternatives, began in 1994 at Health Sciences Centre then moved to Victoria General Hospital in 2006. It offers patients a team approach to care that includes doctors and nurses, a pharmacist, dietitian and a kinesiologist.The WRHA plans to close the centre in mid October, and its services will either be transitioned back to primary care providers with a treatment plan or referred to community gynecologists, said WRHA spokeswoman Bronwyn Penner Holigroski. « Those patients requiring more complex care may be referred to HSC for ongoing clinical consultation and treatment. »The WRHA plans to use the space the centre now occupies at Victoria Hospital for acute adult inpatient mental health services « in accordance with the WRHA commitment to enhance mental health services across the region, » she said.The government hasn’t looked at how much money the Mature Women’s Centre has saved with the services it offers, says a former patient opposed to its closure. »This clinic closure and loss of service to women seems to be very shortsighted and not in keeping with a focus on prevention, » said the woman who used the centre’s services for more than 20 years and asked not to publicly identified. Hermes Replica Bags

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