This probably explains her super cozy go to look: a dress

Our busy lifestyles, overloaded work schedules, countless activities, and insatiable appetite for the next big thing make us restless to the point where we get stressed out and lose sight for the meaning of it all. And yet, it is almost alien to us to forgo something that seems to offer itself as an opportunity. To regain a stage of calmness and peace of mind, he says, we have to learn to sometimes let go of things, even when they are within our reach..

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canada goose store In case you didn’t hear her when she yelled at Marge in the pita/pretzel episode, Agnes’ name means « lamb lamb of God. » Great. This probably explains her super cozy go to look: a dress capped off with a slightly oversize cardigan that we’ve seen in collections by Isabel Marant and Max Mara. Of course, if Agnes were here now she’d just yell at us and tell us she just likes to keep warm. canada goose store

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