They coordinate efforts through regular meetings of a new 10

Hence, the knowledge of the crystal chemistry of iron bearing fibrous erionite is of absolute importance for understanding the mechanisms that prompt its bio toxic action. But where is iron in erionite? The answer to this question is a hot topic, open to debate, with apparently disconnected, inconclusive and contradictory evidences reported in the specific literature. Theoretically, the following chemical environments are possible for iron in erionite: (1) Fe2+, and to a minor extent Fe3+, may virtually replace for Si4+ and Al3+ in the zeolite framework24; (2) Fe3+ and Fe2+ can be found in the extraframework cavities (micropores) as octahedral Fe(H2O)6 clusters; (3) Fe3+, and to a very minor extent Fe2+, can be associated with iron rich impurities (both crystalline and amorphous oxides, hydroxides or sulphates) present as particles or nanoparticles coating the surface of the fibres.Regarding model (1), the analysis of erionite K from the Cappadocia region of Turkey obtained from TEM EDS analysis published by Dogan25 K3.09Na0.26Ca1.57Mg0.55[Al6.61Si28.70Fe3+0.60O72] apparently point to Fe3+ hosted in the zeolite framework but no justification to that assignment is given.

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