She said: « We have employed several strategies to address this

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Canada Goose online In joint second place were Burleigh Street near the Grafton shopping centre and Mill Road, both with 26.Red Cross Lane, a cut through to Addenbrooke’s, was at 25 fines followed by East Road, 17 cheap canada goose, Regent Street, 14, Fisher Square and Fitzroy Street, both with 12 and Petty Cury with 11.The increase comes after the Labour controlled council vowed to crack down on littering with tough action.The fine for littering is but is reduced to if paid within the first 10 days.Cllr Anna Smith Canada Goose Outlet, the city’s executive councillor for streets and open spaces, said: « When Labour took control of the city council in 2014, we promised that we would make keeping our street and open spaces clean a priority as prior to then very few fixed penalty notices had been issued for littering or dog fouling. »And a pet owner became the first in Cambridge to be prosecuted for leaving dog mess in a Cambridge park.Jacob Hackin, of Shelly Row, Castle, was ordered to pay a fine and costs by city magistrates in February this year after he was spotted failing to clear up dog fouling at Midsummer Common by one of the city council’s enforcement officers. The officer issued Hackin with a fine Canada Goose Sale, but the matter was referred to the court when he failed to pay it.What is fly tipping and how you should get rid of your waste responsiblyHe was ordered to pay a fine of as well as a contribution towards the council’s costs of and a victim surcharge.Between April 2015 and March 2016 Cheap Canada Goose, the council issued a total of 15 fixed penalty notices for dog fouling in Cambridge.First pet owner in Cambridge taken to court for leaving dog mess in city parkCllr Smith said the council has deployed various tactics to deal with littering and dog mess.She said: « We have employed several strategies to address this. Firstly, we have increased significantly the allocation of litter and dog bins across the city to help residents and visitors dispose of litter properly and we encourage ward councillors and area committees to recommend the locations, so that the placements reflect local needs.Punt tout complaints increase despite ban sparking calls for tougher measures »Secondly, we have doubled the enforcement team in order to tackle environmental crimes Canada Goose online.

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