Now that the statues aren’t going anywhere soon

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Canada Goose online At first it seemed a waste of time for Baton Rouge to reconsider the pros and cons of sticking its nose in, for the city’s bid specs called for the statues to be removed by mid May. They would thus be gone before a bill to leave them in place could clear the Legislature. Now that the statues aren’t going anywhere soon, however, the Legislature could decide to override the city council’s 6 1 vote to take them off the streets.. Canada Goose online

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canada goose clearance In the final part of Burke’s three part sit down with Dr. Phil airing Monday, the now 29 year old brother of the late JonBenet addresses those who doubt his innocence in the headline making murder. Burke was nine years old at the time his 6 year old sister was killed, and has never been named a suspect.. canada goose clearance

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