I see pictures of monolithic structures towering over scenery

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Celine Bags The next two years will be very dangerous for AmericaUntil 2016 arrives, however, we are in a very dangerous time for America right now. Obama is now backed into a corner and appearing desperate. Almost deranged. Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!When it comes to hotels, I’ve always thought big is not so beautiful. I see pictures of monolithic structures towering over scenery and vast rows of look a like rooms zooming off into the distance and I steer well clear.Boutiques, bread and breakfasts and those little places where dinner is served up by the same person that knocked on you room to replenish your toiletries is more my style. I once even shared a sandwich with an Italian stranger clad only in his y fronts in Bologna at an Airbnb where one of the bs, it seems, stood for bulge. Celine Bags

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