But forty years should be enough for them to pay themselves

Director Debbie Dance said: « We have written to the University to ask them to commit to take down the buildings after 25 years of occupation, by the end of 2040. »We also asked them to agree that any subsequent redevelopment on this site be well designed and high quality, enhancing the setting of Port Meadow and restoring the lost view from the meadows to the spires of Oxford. »She added that the changes were an improvement on the present situation and will be ‘less starkly defined’ in the city’s skyline.A Save Port Meadow group was formed in 2012 after the flats were built and a study carried out by consultants on behalf of the university in 2014 found the flats harmed views across the city and of St Barnabas Church from Port Meadow.The group demanded they be reduced in height, but this idea was rejected by the university’s ‘parliament’ the Congregation in a landmark vote in 2015.A 6m screening option was chosen instead and plans submitted earlier this year revealed timber slats, a colour change and climbing vegetation would be used to mitigate the impact on views.A consultation on the mitigation ended yesterday with residents calling for more drastic changes to be made.Dr Elizabeth Baigent Cheap Canada Goose https://www.canadagooseisverige.com canada goose outlet, who lives near the development, said: « These mitigation proposals represent a good attempt within an inadequate budget to improve the situation and I support them, while regretting the need for them and the fact that theyThe blocks dominate views of the city from everywhere west from Cumnor Hill, Wytham Hill they’re like a string of big blockhouses across the cityscape. At least the cladding and paint job will prevent that visual assault to some extent. But forty years should be enough for them to pay themselves off and then it would be good to know they’ll be gone and future generations won’t have to be saddled with them.

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